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     I demanded a lot from BlackfriarsCarpetCleaners as my chosen commercial cleaning company, and their team didn't disappoint, handled everything with ease and professionalism.
Kathy W19/05/2020
     These guys are incredible. They do the office cleaning at the building where I work, and they always do a bang-up job.
Brian Greene19/09/2019
     We love our pet but he sheds a lot, and all over the house. When cleaning up after him got a tiresome, we called BlackfriarsCarpetCleaners to do the job for us. Surprisingly, their cleaners were able to get the dirt and fur out of places that we had found hard to reach. With their deep cleaning techniques and powerful equipments, they managed to transform the carpet and furniture. We now call them regularly to help us keep our house looking spic and span.
A. Allen18/02/2015
     Since getting my promotion, and working longer hours, I noticed that I just didn't have enough time to be doing everything that I wanted to be doing, and something had to slip. Unfortunately, it was the cleaning. I simply didn't have the time, so that's where BlackfriarsCarpetCleaners came to my rescue. It's true I thought of having a cleaner as decadent, and an unnecessary luxury, but here I can tell you honestly, there's nothing luxurious or decadent about the cost, but the service is second to none! When I come home from work after the cleaner has been, I feel like a new man. The house smells amazing, floors glistening, plates put away... easily the best cleaning company ever!
R. Marks04/09/2014
     It sometimes is difficult to put into words how happy you are about something - like, how something surprised you and changed the way you think. That's the situation I'm in with BlackfriarsCarpetCleaners! I wasn't too enthralled by the idea when it was suggested to me. Even though I agreed that there aren't enough hours in the day to spend cleaning, the idea of inviting strangers into my home was not one I was too happy about. Eventually I caved in, and I've never been happier! Their services are cheap, effective and dependable, and one hundred percent recommended by me!
Lily W.21/08/2014
     Having people in to clean after a party always insights guilt in me, but the fact is, I really don't have the time to be running around with a mop and bucket, or trying to get red wine stains out of the carpet, especially if I am feeling a little worse for wear in the morning! I tend to find that the best solution is to get BlackfriarsCarpetCleaners involved, as they are very good at returning the house to normal after a rowdy evening, and in short time as well! It's a brilliant combination of good value and hard work.
Brenda Patterson31/07/2014
     I couldn't do a better job myself, trust me I've tried! On the days that my cleaner doesn't come over, I always try to uphold it to the standard that she left it in but I fail every time. I've tried following her round to see if I could pick up some techniques and even bought the same products that she uses and still I can't get anywhere near the level she's at. BlackfriarsCarpetCleaners have some very skilled employees working for them; they're definitely the best cleaning company I've ever been with. So after gracefully accepting defeat, I decided to leave the cleaning to the professionals.
     I sincerely hope that a good review here will give BlackfriarsCarpetCleaners the extra business that they deserve, as they really have earned it! In my time I have not used many cleaning services, but this lot have impressed me nonetheless. The reality of the matter is that I am currently much too busy to be dusting and mopping whilst also taking care of the kids and putting food on the table. Having the cleaners round is an excellent relief from the housework, so I'd certainly recommend this lot to anyone in a similar position.
Gary Stevens05/03/2014

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